A Little Bit about Ourselves 

Springfields Coaching Centre is a school community with a mission. Our great desire is to provide international education to all the students of Zambia at an affordable fee without compromising the quality of our education. Education is still a luxury than a right in most parts of the world and especially good education offering international qualification is a privilege very few would enjoy in this part of the world.We want to contribute to the community and the world at large by providing our students opportunities to learn and seek wisdom .


We are a co-educational secondary school offering grade 8 up to 'A' Levels under the auspices of ECZ and The University of Cambridge. Our students come from diverse range of backgrounds and bring with them a strong desire to learn , share & grow. Our dedicated and long serving faculty ensures that our students perform to their utmost potential. Our consistently good results since our inception in 1999 bear testimony to our strong commitment to the cause of education in Zambia.


Our high expectations on behaviour , morals and attitude go hand in hand with our academic achievements and makes us a successful unique school with high reputation in the community. 


We have small class sizes with high focus on individual students , low student- teacher ratio, fully equipped libraries and science & ICT labs with latest learning aids.


We'll be humbled if you give us a chance to help your child attain success in his academic endeavours.

What's Happening

The Institute is proud to announce that our student Mengjie Chen has scored 100% (A*) in IGCSE Extended Mathematics, she also scored A* in Physics, Chemistry, ICT and A in Geography, Biology & History. Congratulations to Mengjie and her family & all her teachers at Springfields Coaching Centre, Well Done ! 


Address: 59 & 61 Independence Avenue, NIPA Area, Lusaka, Zambia

P.O. Box: PO Box 33953, Lusaka


Phone: +260 211 254976, +260 211 251851

Mobile: +260 977 404814, +260 955 816714

Email: springsecondary@springfieldscoachingcentre.org, secondary.springfields@gmail.com