We take pride in introducing our highly dedicated and professionally qualified faculty that has been the backbone of our institute's success for the last 17 years. They play a pivotal role in shaping the personality and learning outcomes of our students and offering them a fast paced delivery of the syllabus with ample time for revision and exam practice. 

Mrs. Illa Desai 

Mr. Musonda Malwita 

Mr. Ignatius Shaba 

Mr. Shadrick Bulombe 

Mr. Ancasio. D. Chulu

Mr. Herbert Malambo 

Mr. Clement Kapeza 

Mr. Emmanuel Ndemanga 

Mrs. Bindu Menon 

Mr. George Mulenga 

Mr. Richard Kaombe

Mr. Clement Simataa 

Mrs. Hanaa Shehata 

Mrs. Rajeshwari Jhala

Mr. Lutangu Mabenga




Head of School 

Deputy Head , ICT Teacher

Head Teacher, Economics and Business Studies 

Head of Department - Non Sciences ,English, History

Head of Department - Sciences , Maths

English & Geography 

Law & Social Studies 

ICT & Business Studies 



Accounts & Business Studies 

Maths & English 

Biology & General Science 



We also value the invaluable contribution of our support staff in day to day admin tasks and in maintaining the smooth functioning of the institute.

Mrs. Yafunya Kalwa Zulu - School Secretary & The Newsletter Editor 

Mr. Jackson Mwanakalele - Head of Libraries, Tuck shop and Part time Programme

Mr. Fred Tembo & Joe Tembo - Maintenance of the premises and guarding the gate

Address: 59 & 61 Independence Avenue, NIPA Area, Lusaka, Zambia

P.O. Box: PO Box 33953, Lusaka


Phone: +260 211 254976, +260 211 251851

Mobile: +260 977 404814, +260 955 816714

Email: springsecondary@springfieldscoachingcentre.org, secondary.springfields@gmail.com