Cambridge International 'AS' & 'A' Level qualification is a passport to success to gain places in the leading universities throughout the world. It is a meticulously designed programmed to give an in depth knowledge of the subject to the students while developing their analytical skills at the same time. 


At Springfields the student has the flexibility to choose minimum 3 and maximum 5 subjects from a list of 12 subjects covering all the main sciences, commercials and humanities subjects. Like IGCSE ,this course is also a 2 year programme but offered in one and a half years duration with us saving your precious time and money without compromising on the quality of education. The subjects offered are:







Business Studies



English Literature


Applied Information & Communication Technology


 Universities worldwide appreciate and recognize the quality and suitability of this programme for admission to their degree courses. Springfields has an envious record of producing consistently good results year after year making it one of the most sought after educational institutes for 'A' levels.


One of the special features of our A Level programme is the Annual Paper Presentation where every student has to prepare a presentation on a relevant topic pertaining to his subject and present in front of the peers and judges. Year after year the students have shown enthusiasm and a keen eye for research and analysis through this programme. The best three presentations in science and non science categories respectively are awarded in the Annual Awards Ceremony.

The institute also endeavours to invite guest lecturers from different walks of life from doctors to pilots to lawyers etc who share their experiences and mantras for success with our A Level students and motivate them to work harder to reach their desired destination.

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