The IGCSE ( International General Certificate of Secondary Education ) is the most popular international school curriculum that has been successfully offered by the University of Cambridge for over 25 years now in different parts of the world. This tried and tested programme for learners ideally between 14 - 16 yrs of age consists of core and optional subjects.


Its a 2 year programme but at Springfields we offer it in one and a half year thus cutting down the time and cost of the course without compromising the quality of delivery. The students have a choice of selecting minimum 4 optional subjects besides the two Core subjects of English and Maths thus making 6 as the minimum number of subjects at Springfields. The students can choose from the following subjects:






Business Studies

Information & communication technology



One Week Work Experience Programme

At Springfields while pursuing IGCSE, the students are expected to undergo a week's work experience programme at the organisation of their choice in line with their career goals. Its a highly rewarding and exciting experience for our students where they are exposed to a bit of  real world work challenges and helps them to reassess their career choices. It also adds value to their university applications.

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