Word from the Deputy Head.......

 Mr.Musonda Malwita


Springfields School is a Cambridge Programme based  Centre for O level and A level curriculum. We are a fully committed institution that thrives on  Inspiring Excellence and  Shaping our Future generation.  Over the years we have recorded good achievement by focusing on using deep content knowledge to develop critical assessment skills through inquiry, integration of ideas, and application of learning, Additionally we make learning in a disciplined environment a key feature as well as knowing and meeting our students’ academic and social needs a priority by giving each child full individual attention.


 My 14 years with the institution has given me the chance to understand the importance of been a risk taker and passionately I have been imparting this bit of the knowledge angle into a good number of my students. By being a risk taker you become open to new ideas and respect everybody's opinions and most important you are not afraid to go out and get what you want because your passion outweighs your fear.


Recently aside from the many successfully positioned former students who we continue to produce over the years, is a true risk taker story of Malelo Shamamb0 who was on the 11th Nov 2016 awarded Best Cambridge Achievement Award for getting A grade in her full A-level sciences... Being a British Council attached learning institute and having a long stretch of collaborating partnership with the organisation, my recent presentation during the Cambridge Partner Schools workshop, has earned our institute  the reputation of a pivotal resource centre for other such schools.


It also goes without saying that I have over 15 years of experience in conducting Cambridge Practical ICT Exams for both O and A Levels  effectively and efficiently.


To our students who have just sat for the final exams, we would like to wish them happy festivities and best of luck in their endeavours.


I would love to welcome your child to our small community and assure you of utmost care & commitment from the institute in making your child's future a success story.



Address: 59 & 61 Independence Avenue, NIPA Area, Lusaka, Zambia

P.O. Box: PO Box 33953, Lusaka


Phone: +260 211 254976, +260 211 251851

Mobile: +260 977 404814, +260 955 816714

Email: springsecondary@springfieldscoachingcentre.org, secondary.springfields@gmail.com