Enrolling your child at Springfields Coaching is a 3 step process...

  1. Fill out the application form.
  2. Attach a copy of the students current or recent school report.
  3. Email us or drop off all the paper work.

We are a non selective school but we do require a recent school report to see where the child's strengths and weaknesses are and also to assess if they need extra coaching.


Application form: 

Springfields Enrolment form
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Address: 59 & 61 Independence Avenue, NIPA Area, Lusaka, Zambia

P.O. Box: PO Box 33953, Lusaka


Phone: +260 211 254976, +260 211 251851

Mobile: +260 977 404814, +260 955 816714

Email: springsecondary@springfieldscoachingcentre.org, secondary.springfields@gmail.com